Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's not mine...

Bea has been eating slimy baby food for about 2 months now. We tried her at 4 months like our pediatrician recommended and she just wasn't interested. So, I gave her a break and started back at about 5, maybe 5 1/2 months.

She LOVES to eat. I literally hear her saying *nom nom nom* as she's eating. She cries because I have to take the time to scoop up another giant, heaping baby spoon of slimy food.

She loves her cereals and would probably eat an entire box of it if I let her. She loves her vegetables. She'll demolish a jar of green beans in 10 seconds. She won't eat her fruits...


She is obviously not my baby nor Matt's baby.

I think I spent a 3 month period eating nothing but brownies, butterfingers, and Code Red Mountain Dew. I would rather live off fruit and doughnuts and wash it down with Coke than eat anything else. Matt is the biggest chocolate fiend I've ever met. If there is anything with sugar in the house, fruit or otherwise, it is gone pretty quick. Linus lives off of yogurt. He gets a whiff that there is chocolate and there is no end to the whining that ensues until he gets it. Green beans make Linus gag. Peas make Linus gag. He will NOT eat potatoes.

Where did this little girl come from? Strawberries make her gag. She won't eat peaches. She will barely tolerate bananas.


She isn't my baby.

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