Friday, May 21, 2010

My fatty boombalattie

There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead
When she was good
She was very very good
But when she was bad 
She was HORRID

This is my little girl with all of her little curls and it makes me afraid that she has some of that poem in her. She is very very good a lot... but oh, I am afraid of the horrid.

My little baby girl is almost always a constant source of joy to me. From the top of her crazy hair down to her long crazy toes, she makes me smile. Her smile is not just a smile with her mouth. Her whole face lights up. She has to use her eyes, her mouth, her hair line moves. Her giggle is like tinkling bells. When she gets excited, her whole body lets me know. She kicks her feet, her arms shake, she sounds like she's hyperventalating.

She is finally sleeping on her own. All night long. Let me repeat. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Not that I do, but that's a different story. She wakes up at 4am to eat and then cuddle and sleeps with me until 8 or until Linus wakes us up. I am not one for co-sleeping because I don't sleep well. Bea smells so good to me that I don't mind having her cuddled right up to me for a couple of hours. I love to smell her head, her blanket, her car seat...unless there was a spit up. When she sleeps with us, it's cute. She has to cuddle and she doesn't even care who it is, so she rolls from Matt to me. When she reaches one of us, she'll *wigglewigglewiggle* till she gets herself tucked in as close as she can.

Little B loves her brother. Just looking at him makes her smile and giggle. She watches him and studies him and prefers him over most anybody else. He doesn't so much like her anymore. She is getting mobile and wants to play with him. He doesn't want to share. He has even started the "Don't touch me" thing.

On one hand I love that she's such a momma's girl, but it is difficult when I need to do something and someone else holds her and she starts to scream because I stepped away.

I love that she looks like she is half asleep almost all of the time and that she smiles so easily. I love her deep belly laugh and I can't help laughing with her when she does it.

I do not love her scream, but that is because my ears don't love it. Thankfully she doesn't do that too very often. Mostly when she is in need of one of the three necessities. Diaper change, food, or sleep.

I love that I feel that I have always known her. She seems an old soul to me. I love that in bonding with her, I have bonded better with my son. I love that she and Linus have really made Matt and I closer and more tightly bonded. It truly feels that we are a family.

I would never have thought in a million gazillion years that having a little girl would have made me this happy, this content, so full of peace. I know I say this now and that I do have the little princess stage, the know it all stage, the teenage angst and drama to look forward to. Maybe she will be more like me and not be so much a princess, too much of a know it all, and peacefully on the outside slide into teenage years. Maybe she'll be like my little sister. Too much princess, some know it all, very much drama into teenage years only to calm down once she had a baby near the end of her teenage life.

My favorite part of Bea and Matthew was their very first meeting. The look on his face when he saw her for the very first time... I have no words. It was beautiful.

This is my favorite baby picture or hers. She smiles at her daddy.

We had some rough early day pictures. She was not very photogenic. She had stoner face or her tongue was hanging out. But as my dad said, I'm glad she's grown into her face.

This is her "Superman Pick Me UP" pose. I did finally get a picture of her cute crooked smile though.

I know the whole color stuff is out of control in this pic and it hurts my eyes, but she sure is cute in that hat!

Linus and Bea in their gbums. They are the same size diaper. I sure hope she doesn't pass him up size wise...

This is Bea gazing lovingly at Matt's cousin Brian. Poor guy has nothing but sisters. He is AMAZING with kids.

My cutie patootie with her pigtails in...

The reason we put pigtails in her hair in the first place.

I CAN NOT get a picture of her smiling without it being blurry. She can't smile and hold still. Like I said, she smiles with her whole body.

The cutest picture I have of her with Grandpa Bailey. Oh, her smile melts me. Makes me smile even when I can't bear to bring one up. She melts Grandma Bailey's heart. She has her daddy wrapped around his finger already. I am afraid.

She makes me want another one.


Shannon said...

She's so adorable!! How can that smile not melt your heart?

mel said...

she so cute...feel wanna hug her ^^, love her smile.