Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mystery Pez

The longest day in a while was when Linus went into the hospital with his asthma attack. I had around 2 hours of sleep that night and went into the ER at 4 am and there was no rest for mom that day. Matt can sleep almost anywhere, and he volunteered to sleep in the hospital with Linus while I went home to sleep in my bed to recharge for the next day. I came home to my beautiful Bea, my dogs, and my mom watching them. And a package that had come in the mail for me. I was a little nervous to open it because it was only addressed to my first name, I had no idea who it was from, and in my exhausted state, I could not control my sometimes raging imagination.

Instead of it being a bomb or an anthrax filled letter (yes, in my mind I am that important.) I received this...

So, this X-wing pilot from Star Wars Pez dispenser was so far off in left field, I was left speechless. 

Then I checked it for candy.

So, when we got home from the hospital, finally, the next day late in the evening, I was as surprised, if not more so, to find another package addressed to me. 

Opening it, I found two Pez dispensers. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. And these two are OLD. How freaking cool! 

Wait a minute... who know that deep down I love the strawberry Pez candy and also knows I haven't had any in years, and years, and years, and years? This is creepy.

So, on facebook, I posted about my mystery Pez sender and the different Pez dispensers I've received. It was a lot of fun, but very strange, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out who was sending these to me. I knew it was from Ebay, because all of the boxes had an ebay insignia on it.

Other than that... no idea.

A good friend of mine suggested that maybe the person would send me something everyday until my birthday and then reveal themselves. It never occurred to me that my birthday was coming up. Then I thought that maybe it was her.

So, after a while, I started to run out of room on my kitchen counter and my husband started asking me,"So what's with the Pez? Why are you buying Pez dispensers?" And I could honestly say that it wasn't me. He finally told me to quit buying things off the internet while on Ambien. That was funny enough I giggled pretty hard.

While looking on facebook one day, I noticed a friend of mine post a reference to Pez. So...I started thinking...could it be?

And yes, on my birthday, they came over with a box wrapped full of more Pez dispensers and admitted their guilt in the "ebay stalking".

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kids of all ages.....drum roll please.... (and this does call for capslock) THE MYSTERY PEZ DISPENSER HAS BEEN REVEALED...IT IS....Darren (and I am not sure how much his daughter, but I'll give her credit) and Rowan Lamb. You may remember Darren as the Buddhist Monk who married Matt and I? A good friend who I have enjoyed getting to know better and have enjoyed getting to know his daughter. What a blessing you two are to have as friends! Thanks guys!!

So, in the end, this is my Pez inventory (and if my computer hadn't hit the crapper with a big chocolate bunny, I'd post pictures. As it stands, I'll have to do that later.):

1- Giant Garfield dispenser
1- Giant plush elephant dispenser with giant toy pez candy inside
1- Giant Darth Vader dispenser (by far the coolest!!!)
1- mini elephant key chain dispenser
1- whistle dispenser
3- watermelon head dispensers
1- apple head dispenser
1- grape head dispenser
1- bee head from Bug's Life dispenser
2- Jungle Mission Survival Kit dispensers (one purple, one orange)
1- Maggie Simpson dispenser
1- Tasmanian Devil dispenser
2- Daffy Duck dispensers
1- Tweety Bird dispenser
1- Pluto dispenser
1- Donald Duck dispenser
2- Mickey Mouse dispensers (the Donald and one of the Micky's are very old, antique pez, if you will)
1- Tigger dispenser
1- Elmo dispenser
1- Bert dispenser
1- Ernie dispenser
3- Gonzo dispensers
5- various bug dispensers
1- Lightning McQueen dispenser
1- Buzz Lightyear dispenser
1- Woody dispenser
2- Baby Jack Incredible dispensers
1- Fiona from Shrek dispenser
2- Puss in Boots dispensers
1- Snowman dispenser
4- Elf dispensers
3- Santa Claus dispensers
3- Reindeer dispensers
1- Wolverine dispenser
2- Batman dispenser
1- Harvey Twoface dispenser
1- Spiderman dispenser
2- Incredible Hulk dispensers
1- brown fuzzy bear dispenser
1- panda fuzzy bear dispenser
3- various Garfield dispensers
4- Barney Rubble dispensers
1- Ewok dispenser
2- X-wing pilot dispensers
2- Boba Fett dispensers
2- Chewbacca dispensers
2- Darth Vader dispensers
2- Yoda dispensers
3- C3PO dispensers
2- Princess Leia dispensers
Have I mentioned that I love Star Wars?
And the Grand Finale...
13- Imperial Stormtrooper dispensers (I am pretty sure they are all 501st Legion) ((ya, I'm a nerd))

Grand Total...

98 Freaking dispensers!! Do you know how much candy that is?!?!

Well, there could actually be 100, I did the math on NyQuil AND I need to do a thorough check to make sure I find all the ones Linus got to first. 

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Hollie Wood said...

Holy cow that is so great!! Hahaha I love it!!